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Welcome to the Springwood Junior Academy’s Year 2 website page. In Year 2, our wonderful children grow in independence and confidence as they reach the end of their Key Stage 1 journey. We provide an exciting, engaging curriculum that is underpinned by quality teaching and learning in the core subjects of reading, writing and maths. Our nurturing approach ensures that children feel happy and cared for during their time in our class.

As Year 2 is final year in Key Stage 1, our children will be undertaking statutory assessments in May. These take the form of SATs (standard assessment tests) in reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar and maths. The outcomes of these tests are used to support teacher assessment to identify whether each child is below the expected level, at the expected level or working at greater depth within the level. Teacher assessed writing levels are also reported.

Phonics into reading remains priority learning within year 2 with pupils gaining that love of reading as their fluency develops further over the year. Any pupils who did not pass the phonic screener at the end of year 1 complete this again in June to ensure that, as a school, we are clear on the phonics needs of all pupils before entering Key Stage 2.

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