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All pupils must wear the appropriate school uniform. ACET firmly believe that a smart dress code reinforces high standards of behaviour and respect.  This is a school policy, endorsed by the Governing Body.  Springwood Junior Academy uniform consists of the following items;


  •       Black blazer with the embroidered 'Springwood’ logo and gold braid (please be aware there is a difference between the blazers for boys and girls; boys’ blazers have a black lining whereas the girls’ blazers have a gold lining).
  •       White shirt/blouse – long or short-sleeved
  •       Black and gold striped tie (elasticated)
  •       Mid-grey smart v-neck jumper
  •       Mid-grey tailored trousers (girls and boys)
  •       Mid-grey pinafore dress
  •       Mid-grey tailored shorts (girls and boys during the summer term only)
  •       Yellow gingham dress (summer term only)
  •       White socks for girls; mid-grey socks for boys
  •       Smart black shoes (not trainers)
  •       Hair accessories must be black and/or gold in colour


Any child not wearing the appropriate school uniform will be identified by the class teacher and will be given the necessary items to wear for the duration of the school day. Such items of clothing will then need to be returned, by the child, to the school reception before the child leaves to go home.


We do not ask pupils to change their footwear every day but if the weather is extreme – thick snow or torrential rain – we ask them to bring a change of shoes. 


Each of these items can be purchased individually or as a subsidised bundle for £25 which contains:

  • Blazer
  • Jumper
  • Rugby Top
  • Tie

In each case, an order form should be completed and either sent via email, post or delivered by hand.