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Principal's Welcome


School is a place for children to come to learn, explore and have fun. We know that happy children engage better and are more likely to be successful. We celebrate uniqueness and promote individuality whilst working with children to develop their life skills and support them to understand the expectations needed to be successful. We strengthen pupils’ mind-set helping them to believe in themselves and encourage active learning where pupils learn for themselves and understand that the learning process is not done ‘to them’.  

The core values of our school feed through every decision made – PRIDE (Positive . Respectful . Independent . Determined . Empathetic). At Springwood we have PRIDE in ourselves; our school; our community. We believe that pupils can learn these attributes and when learnt at an early age, they become intrinsic and support pupils to aspire to be their very best.  

When our pupils leave Springwood, to move onto secondary education, our aim for them is to be positive and confident individuals whose determination allows them achieve their very best; have an inner resilience to tackle the ever-changing demands of society; to not just be respectful of others, but to actively embrace other people’s differences; to be able to work well independently and as part of a team; and to be ready to make a positive contribution to their wider community. 

Our nurturing environment, ensures pupils feel safe and listened to. All staff know all pupils – we are one big family working together to help each other. We have high expectations of learning, but also with learning behaviours. Our inclusion team work tirelessly to ensure that the wide ranging needs of our pupils are best met whilst ensuring expectations are clear and maintained. Our academy offers a positive environment for learning with the curriculum being designed to meet the needs of all of our pupils. Pupils feel safe at school and come ready to learn! 

We have a team of hugely talented and committed staff who make sure that our curriculum, guidance, care and support meets the different needs of every child. We pride ourselves on having high expectations and all staff actively embrace their role within the academy to ensure that all children reach their full potential. 

I am incredibly proud to be the Principal of Springwood Junior Academy and watch our pupils growing and developing into young people ready to take on the world! 

Mrs Malton - Principal