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Striving for





At Springwood Junior Academy, we have high expectations for all of our pupils. At the heart of our Academy, lies our Core Values - P.R.I.D.E - positive, respectful, independent, determined, empathetic. We learn about and celebrate these values through assemblies, core value afternoons and within the curriculum. 

At Springwood, we have PRIDE in ourselves, each other and the community. Staff model the core values all of the time and pupils are supported to learn and model these too - this is recognised through the learner levels which pupils strive to achieve each year - Bronze learners follow the core values most of the time with some reminders from adults; Silver Learners follow the core values all of the time; Gold learners follow the core values all of the time and are role models for others. These learner levels re-set each year to ensure that pupils recognise that expectations change throughout their time at Springwood Junior Academy - a Gold Learner in FS2 would look very different to a Gold Learner in year 6; and to ensure that they constantly strive to be their very best. 

We use class dojo to reward pupils for making good choices; for following the core values; for showing good learning behaviours and for effort and hard-work in learning. The classroom behaviour ladders support pupils to celebrate each other's successes and achievements for example pupils will often talk about moving to blue - this shows exceptional learning/behaviours and pupils are proud to talk about this. In turn, the behaviour ladder can support pupils to recognise that their learning behaviours need to improve - moving down the ladder gives pupils time to re-set and make better choices with pupils knowing that they can earn their way back up the ladder by demonstrating good learning behaviours and making good choices. 

Please click below to read our behaviour policy which explains our systems in more detail.