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We are delighted that you are considering applying for a place at Springwood Junior Academy. 
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) is the admission authority for the academy and is responsible for determining its admission arrangements. The Trust has determined that all admissions will be co-ordinated through the Local Authority's co-ordinated admission arrangements. 
Therefore, applications for places at Springwood Junior Academy will need to be made in accordance with the statutory Admission Code and will be made on the Common Application Form provided and administered by the Local Authority on behalf of Springwood Junior Academy. 
The Authority has determined co-ordinated admission schemes as required by law for the next academic year. This means that a parent/carer completes the Common Application Form expressing up to three preferences and the Authority liaises with schools and other Local Authorities on their behalf. 
The Local Authority will inform the parent of the outcome of their application, including the reason for the refusal and information on the appeals process if a place is refused at any of their preferred schools. 
The Local Authority will communicate the outcome of individual applications to parents/carers on our behalf on the National Offer Day. 
The Planned Admission Number for Springwood Junior Academy in 2022/23 and 2023/24 is 30. Below are this year’s Current Admission Numbers (CAN) for each year group: 
FS2     =   29
Year 1 =  29
Year 2 =  27  
Year 3 =  23
Year 4 =  22
Year 5 =  25
Year 6 =  28
For further information from RMBC, please go to: or telephone: 01709 823777