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‘Spring into Springwood’

‘Spring into Springwood’ is our new initiative to promote active travel within our school and community. Miss McDonald and Mrs Wilsher will be establishing a Spring into Springwood council with two representatives from each class (FS2-Y6). Together as a team they are going to try and engage staff and students to actively travel to school where possible, highlight park and stride areas and create/run competitions aimed at rewarding children in SJA.

What is active travel?

Active travel is walking, cycling or scooting to get to school but also includes park and stride and ride and stride, so hopefully everybody can get involved. It is healthier, and better for the environment as well!

Children who get exercise and fresh air on their way to school are more alert and attentive in class, alongside our healthy, active breakfast SJA can get the best start to the day and be ready to learn.

Active travel can also:

- help you get fit and stay healthy

- improve mental health

- limit pollution

- reduce congestion

- improve road safety

We understand that some families live too far away to walk or cycle but wherever possible please consider parking a little further (5 minutes) away from school and walking the last bit of your journey. We will be creating a 5 minute walking map and sharing this with you on the website/Facebook.

We will be helping children learn to ride their scooters, balance bikes and bikes with special sessions lead by Modeshift.

What we aiming for

The Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition Scheme (STARS) works with pupils, parents and teachers to use fun and educational activities to show the benefits of active travel.

Modeshift STARS is a national awards scheme. Schools that promote active travel to and from school can be recognised on a local, regional and national stage.

The STARS South Yorkshire project is free for all schools within Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham to take part in. During the academic year 19/20 SJA achieved the Bronze award and this year we are aiming for Silver. Please have a look at our active travel action plan.


Alongside Modeshift and Rotherham initatives SJA are now involved in the WOW Travel Tracker scheme. WOW is used by schools participating in the year-round walk to school challenge, to record daily pupil journeys and earn their monthly WOW badges.

Children log daily journeys to school on the travel tracker, if they actively travel to school once a week for a month they achieve a badge. 

Upcoming events…

From the 1st October we will be tracking travel to school using the WOW travel tracker which coincides with walk to school week and the Rotherham walk to school 10 day challenge! The more children that actively travel to school the more prizes we could win.


Click here to see the Rotherham Public Transport Map:

Rotherham Public Transport Map.pdf