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At Springwood we believe high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. Using the ACET Curriculum most of our learning involves use of commonly encountered software and hardware to develop the pupils' understanding of the key concepts of computer science and become safe, responsible, competent and confident users of ICT.


You will likely be familiar with most of the software used in school with the exception of Scratch. Scratch is a child-friendly programming package which enables pupils to create, develop, debug and test a code to make a character perform and interact on screen. This is generally used throughout school to create simple computer games which develops understanding of sequence, selection, logic and algorithms. This software can be accessed online for free (here) and some home-learning friendly projects can be found here.


Here is the outline of the units of work the pupils will be introduced to in the context of fulfilling the key aims of the National Curriculum for computing:



Click here to download the skills progression document:

 Computing Progression 2020.pdf


Click here to download the key computing vocabulary document:

Computing Vocabulary 2020.pdf